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Rama Meadows: Must-Visit Place in North Pakistan.

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Pakistan is blessed with a magnificent landscape. There are plenty of mountain passes, hidden villages, and unreal lakes in the north of Pakistan.

A visit to the northern areas of Pakistan will give you once in a lifetime opportunity to have a close look at nature in its true sense.

Rama Meadow is a must-go-to place out of many other places while you are in Pakistan.

Here is just a glimpse of the place we are talking about today.

Where in North, Rama Meadow, and Rama Lake is?

Rama village is few kilometers ahead of Astore district in Gilgit Baltistan, a territory of Pakistan. The serene place known as Rama Meadows is adjacent to the village.

A visitor highlights the location, beauty, and calmness of the place on twitter.

4km ahead of Rama meadows is the Rama Lake. The desire to experience the view of the Nanga Parbat, the 9th highest mountain in the world, from Rama Lake will definitely increase after seeing this video.

A person remembers her last year’s visit to the place by posting pictures on social media.

What is Special about Rama Meadows?

Talk about anything, and it will make this place a special one in Northern areas of Pakistan. Be it nature, beauty, calmness, mountains, greenery, water, or anything else.

This view of Rama Meadows makes it hard for you to believe if all of this is natural or not, believe me, it is.

You can imagine what is out there in Pakistan for you to explore after seeing these mesmerizing images of Rama meadows and Lake.

Another view of how the combination of mountains, clouds, and greenery makes it a perfect place to embrace nature.

Bringing peace to your mind is the key purpose of vacations. Rama meadows is one of the best places in the world to do that.

Wanna spend a night at this place? There is always a solution to it.

The below image of sunrise at Rama meadows will make you think of spending a night at the place.

There are two motels in Rama meadows where a person can stay for the night. Both of these motels are government-owned and can be checked for booking before traveling.

But there is nothing better than setting up your own camp. It brings additional excitement that you just don’t want to miss at such a beautiful place.

Just imagine your camp among these camps in the image of the following tweet.

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