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5 Seoul Bars You Need to Visit during the Fall Season

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Autumn of Deoksugung royal palace and Seoul City Hall from top view in Seoul,South Korea.

The fall season in Seoul, Korea is always nice and so different from other parts of the world. With the brightly colored leaves making a beautiful stack of autumn foliage, people strolling outside on hikes to the mountains, and the amazing smell of delicious food everywhere, Seoul is always a delight to visit during the fall season.

Just as how there is Oktoberfest in Europe, there are also bars that Koreans love to frequent during the breezy autumn months for a nice cocktail or a glass of great beer. Many of these bars are owned and operated by Korean celebrities, which creates a lot of hype for tourists to pay a visit. Here is a list of some bars in Seoul that you need to visit during the fall season.

1. Glass of Soju (Soju Hanjan)

Glass of Soju is a bar with now 10 chains all over Korea. The reason this bar is famous is because it is owned by popular ballad singer Lim Chang Jeong. He is well known to be a singer of the song “Soju Hanjan (a glass of soju)” which is also the name of the bar. Because of the song’s huge success, the bar is visited by many Koreans and foreigners who visit Korea.

(Lim Chang Jeon’s Glass of soju bar)

The interior of the bar creates a very cozy vibe with orange pojangmacha (pub/street food booth) aesthetics, and serves very delicious food. The song became very popular because the song’s lyrics are about a heartbroken man who is asking the girl who broke up with him to talk over a glass of soju.

Many young adults fell in love with the song and much of the bar’s success is owed to the hit song. Because the bar is very successful, the 10th chain opened very recently and all of its branches are doing well in business. The bar serves Korean soju, beer, and food such as tteokbokki, chicken, beef, stews, and food that most bars serve in Korea. He also sells his own drink called glass of soju that is served in a can.

(Glass of soju drinks)

2. Korea Beer Exchange

Korea Beer Exchange is a popular brewery that sells a variety of craft beer that attracts many tourists and locals. They have many famous imported beers such as the Ballast Point Brewery specialty beers such as the Sculpin. Many tourists come here when they are homesick also, because they serve American beer that many other bars or breweries do not sell.

(Beers at Korea Beer Exchange brewery)

The Korea Beer Exchange has a large range of beer that people love to drink and are usually visited by people after work or on the weekends. The atmosphere is cozy and quiet, with beer lovers visiting from all over Korea.

Even though there are a lot of beers, there are not many food choices because it is a brewery. However, they do have a pizza place next door that will come over and serve you pizza so that you can pair it with your beers. Pizza and beer is a wonderful way to celebrate the fall season, and stay warm from the breezy cold outside.

3. Once In A Blue Moon

Once In A Blue Moon is a bar located in Cheong-dam dong district of Seoul, which is one of the richest neighborhoods in Gangnam Province. The district is filled with amazing bars, and Once In A Blue Moon is one of them that people love to frequent.

(Once In A Blue Moon exterior, Cheongdamdong, Seoul)

The bar has a jazz bar type of atmosphere, with people performing excellent jazz music while people drink cocktails and different types of drinks. The bar vibe is more elegant and upscale, with shrimp seafood dishes and steaks served to the customers. The ambiance makes it a very fun and classy place to watch and drink with friends or their significant others.

(Jazz music and wine, Once In A Blue Moon bar)

Many people go to the bar to enjoy great music and have a nice glass of wine. The bar interior is very large and looks like a concert hall rather than a bar. The jazzy mood creates a wonderful time to spend on a date with a romantic partner during the fall season.

4. Pocket Seoul

Pocket Seoul is a bar that is very unique and people enjoy going for photos because of the beautiful interior and uniquely decorated walls. The drinks that they serve are very eccentric, such as the Spam Bloody Mary Cocktail, where they serve bloody mary with spam in a spam container.

(Pocket Seoul’s Spam Bloody Mary)

The exterior of the bar has a painted mural with drawings of different animals and plants. Many foreigners and tourists come to the bar to take photos and try the distinctive drinks they cannot find anywhere else. Pocket Seoul is also well known to have happy hour from 12pm to 5pm.

(Pocket Seoul interior, Seoul, Korea)

The bar also sells Tokki Soju, which is a hand crafted ‘bunny’ soju that is not found anywhere in Korea, and they also have events where they allow people to bring their dogs to the bar in the window/patio area. The restaurant sells many types of hot dogs, with different flavors and fillings. They have a wide variety of wines, cocktails, and beers also.

5. Bar Old Fashioned

Bar Old Fashioned is an enjoyable bar with a relaxed yet jolly atmosphere that many locals visit to have a great cocktail. The bar has many American cocktails such as the Old-Fashioned, Manhattans, and drinks that foreigners have to make them feel like they are home.

(Bar Old Fashioned, Yeonnamdong, Seoul)

The bar is packed with a huge range of drinks, making it easy for the bartenders to make the customers usually any drink they want. The bar also allows the customer to give them a recipe, and they will make the drinks for you. They carry alcohol that many bars do not carry, and this makes many tourists and locals come back for another night of fun.

The bar is wonderful in the fall, because the warmth of a great cocktail will keep you cozy and toasty throughout the cold fall months in Seoul. Yeonnamdong is also filled with unique cafes such as the 3D cafe, so make sure to take a stroll around the district before visiting Bar Old Fashioned.

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