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Siargao: Paradise Island of the Philippines

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Top view: Boats awaiting tourists and the pier on the beach, General Luna, Siargao.

When you think of going to a tropical island for a vacation, the first thing that you would think of is the beach. But when you go to Siargao, that is not the only thing you will remember.

The Island of Siargao is in the southeast of the Philippine Archipelago. It is also known as the “Surfing Captial of the Philippines” The waves it boasts has made it a must-go destination for locals and surfers outside of the country. A lot of local and international competitions have been held here in the past couple of years. Surfing has also boosted the Island’s tourism and economy, especially during the prime months, July up until December, and peaks from September to October.

But it is not only the surfers who go to Siargao to enjoy the place. There are a lot of tourists who do not know how to surf or have the intention to learn at all. They visit because there is more to Siargao than its beaches. Of course, those are breathtaking too, but it is just one of the things that make Siargao one of a kind.

(Selective focus) Stunning view of the silhouette of a girl walking on a beach during a beautiful and romantic sunset. Siargao Island, Philippines.

Siargao Activities for the Thrill-seekers

Siargao is a relatively small island, but it houses a lot of different activities that would appeal to all kinds of people. If you yearn for adventure and thrills, you could start your itinerary by what it is most known for, surfing at Cloud 9 or the Secret Beach. Cloud 9 also houses the popular boardwalk, which is a walkway that extends far into the sea. This place is perfect for non-surfers who want to enjoy the place.

The famous Cloud 9 surf boardwalk in Siargao, Philippines

If you do not like surfing but enjoy other water-related activities, then you can visit the Sugba Lagoon. This lagoon is famous for those who want to enjoy a scenic view while swimming, canoeing, or paddleboarding. For the thrill-seekers, a dive-board jump is available for that Instagram-worthy jump.

Sugba Lagoon, Siargao, The Philippines – Aerial Photograph

If these water activities are not enough to satisfy the adventure you seek, another one you can add to your list to visit is Tayangban. This is a cave pool that has several cliff diving spots you can jump from. It also houses a beautiful cave pool that is worth the travel. To go through the cave, a tour guide must assist you. So, you do not have to worry about encountering problems navigating the cave or determining which spots you should aim for when jumping from the cliffs.

Non-extreme Activities to enjoy in Siargao

Since Siargao is known for extreme activities like surfing and cliff jumping, it can scare away those who just want to have a laidback vacation. But slowly, Siargao is also becoming a popular destination for families and people who just want to relax. Siargao has a lot of stunning places for these serene times you could enjoy by yourself with your loved ones.

Aerial view: Bucas Grande Island, Sohoton Cove. The Philippines.

To get you started on your exploring, you could visit the nearby Island of Sohoton. It is a spectacular island by itself so you should allocate least a day to spend here. Although there are still a few extreme activities available on the Island, like and climbing cliff diving, there are several that do not involve the high adrenaline rush. Among these activities are boating in Tiktikan Lake and swimming with stingless jellyfish at the Jellyfish Sanctuary. One thing you should not miss visiting is here is the Majestic Sohoton Cove. It is one of the main attractions in Sohoton. This cove can only be accessed through a narrow cavern that is passable only during low tide. So, you must plan your itinerary carefully when visiting the cove.

People relax on a tropical island and swim in the lagoon. Naked Island, Siargao. Tourists came to the white island in boats. White sandy island.

Another peaceful activity you can enjoy is the island-hopping tour available in Siargao. The tour will usually take you to visit four islands, the Naked Island, Daku Island, Guyam Island, and Corregidor Island. Each island has its unique appeal that defines them. The Naked Island is a sand bar where no life thrives, thus earning its name as “naked.”

Coconuts and the sea

In contrast to Naked Island, Daku Island is an island that is full of life. It is surrounded by crystal clear waters and walled by majestic palm trees. This is also a good place to have your lunch and is easily a favorite destination among the tourists.

Aerial view of beautiful tropical island Guyam with white sand beach.

Guyam Island is equally appealing as the other two. It is a small island covered with trees that is perfect for that tranquil you are seeking.

The fourth Island is Corregidor Island. This Island prides itself with beautiful coral reefs that you can enjoy snorkeling too. You can also go to the top of the highest hill on the Island to look at the remarkable views.

If you are not yet tired of all the exploring, there are a lot of more relaxed activities you can try. One of those is scuba diving at the Blue Cathedral and visiting the Sta Monica Pier, and Taktak falls. If you are growing quite tired of the water, you can take a break and rent a motorcycle and drive through the Palm-lined roads. You can also visit the Sea of Palms viewpoint to witness a literal sea of palm trees, as the name suggests.

Stunning aerial view of a palm tree forest is Siargao, Philippines. Siargao is a tear-drop shaped island in the Philippine Sea.

Siargao is also perfect for people who equally enjoy a peaceful time with nature and the noise and company of people. The relaxing beaches are there for your consumption the whole day, and when the sun sets, you get to enjoy the best bar parties. During the peak seasons, Siargao hosts a lot of foreign and local guests. You will get a chance to meet some of them during the day on your tours and activities. But if you want to get the most out of meeting new people, it is best to visit the bars at night. The locals would usually know where the events happen at what day in the week, so it would be best to ask around before you make your plans.

If there is one thing in common among those who have been to the Island, it is that they already have plans made on when they would like to go back. Siargao is a tear-shaped island, but you will spend your days there with nothing but smiles.

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