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6 Strange Habits of Taxi Drivers in Uzbekistan

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The number of people in Uzbekistan that regularly travel by taxi is increasing rapidly. Ordering a taxi for delivery or commuting is a much easier process today than it was a decade ago. As the demand for taxis increasing in bigger cities, the number of taxi drivers is also growing. Lifehaq stated the most strange habits of taxi drivers in Uzbekistan.

1. They stop wherever they want

Many people especially tourists or guests notice that taxi drivers stop at almost any place in Uzbekistan. Occasionally, they invite people to use their service. However, this strange activity is decreasing, so more and more drivers starting to stop their cars in appropriate areas. The installation of cameras and law-abiding customers are also making taxi drivers only stop in allowed places.

2. They ask “Shall we go inside the neighborhood”

Aerial view of Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan

Some taxi drivers ask this question before, others may ask after you sit in their vehicle. Here, the issue is not merely about the increased distance or fuel consumption. Although the government is spending huge money on road maintenance, there are many neighborhoods with bad road conditions. Hence, taxi drivers charge a higher amount if you go inside the neighborhood.

3. They drive fast

Not many commuters in Uzbekistan like fast driving. But some “talented” drivers may want to show their driving skills in the city. But, they should understand that they do not only threaten their live but customer’s also. If you travel to Uzbekistan and encounter these types of drivers, you better ask them to slow down the speed or try to find another taxi.

4. They will pick up additional passengers

This strange habit is not related to the drivers of licensed taxi firms. These firms and companies usually check their drivers and educate them on the regulations. However, some drivers do not want to lose the opportunity to make additional money. If you sit in the back, they will pick the client to the front. Currently, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this illegal and unethical activity of taxi drivers is controlled more strictly than before.

5. They drive very slowly

As well as taxi drivers who like to drive fast, you can encounter drivers that drive very slowly. The strange thing here is that in this way they look for extra people to pick up. In our opinion, it is not good and fair to the passenger sitting in the taxi. It may happen that, this passenger may be in a hurry or may not be willing to sit with strangers.

6. I do not have a change

It may happen that when you arrive at your destination for 7,500 UZS (Uzbek Sums), you may give 10,000 UZS to the taxi driver. In this case, the taxi driver may smile, apologize, and say there is no change. The conversation continues and he says: “Maybe you will agree to 10,000 Uzbek sums?”. Here, many passengers may reply: “What about if you will agree to 5,000?”. Then the taxi driver tries to find a change for you.

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