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5 Mouthwatering Street Foods You Must Try in Bangladesh

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The love for spice among the people of Bangladesh is on another level compared to the whole world.

You’ll know what I am talking about if you have ever tried any Bengali dishes before or willing to try some in the future.

To get the exact idea of how much Bangladeshi people love spice, you should start with the street food instead of sinking your teeth into fine dining.

Savoring the street food can tempt the tastebud even of a connoisseur. We have rounded up 5 most crowd-pleasers for you to try among the street foods you’ll find in Bangladesh.


If you are to try the street food of Bangladesh, then there is no better way to start with other than Chotpoti.

Chotpoti is one of the food that you’ll find in the majority of the food carts.

It’s a dish made from peas that are soaked in water overnight.

While serving the dish, the right amount of boiled potatoes, eggs, and the blend of the finest homemade spices are added. The acrid taste of the mixed tamarind will make you drool.


If there is any street food that goes side by side with Chotpoti, then it’s Fuchka.

Chotpoti and Fuchka are like Chandler and Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. They will be there for you no matter where you’re in Bangladesh.

Whoever sells Chotpoti also sells Fuchka.

The food carts are usually named after both Chotpoti and Fuchka. It’s rare to find someone who only sells one of those even though they are two different types of food.

Doi Fuchka garnished with nuts, curd, green leaf fuchka and placed on a plate

There are three major components of Fuchka.

A crispy shell of Fuchka, stuffing made of mushy potatoes and peas and acrid sweet tamarind.

While eating, you’ll have to cram the stuffing in the shell of Fuchka and also add a bit of tamarind. However, you can’t nibble while eating Fuchka. You’ll have to devour it as a whole.


Jhalmuri is much like a gateway to the kingdom of street food. No matter if you’re in a park appreciating the beauty of nature or waiting for your bus in the terminal, you’ll always find a person selling Jhalmuri beside you.

Jhalmusri is a mix of puffed rice or gram peas with a Bengali snack called Chanachur.

You can add extra green chili to make it even more peppery.

Eating Jhalmuri is the best way to kill your time while waiting for someone outside.


Though Haleem is a dish that is most famous in the month of Holy Ramadan, it can be found around the year because of its popularity.


This slowly cooked dish comes in different options. You can either order chicken or mutton Haleem, though the most popular one comes with beef.

Haleem is a dish known to please even the most finicky gourmand. Don’t forget to try this one when you’re visiting the country.

Bhaja Pora

Bhaja Pora is the most versatile one among the street foods found in Bangladesh.

This category includes Peyaju, Chop, Beguni, and other deep fry items which will play with your taste bud.

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