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5 Most Popular Street Foods In Pakistan

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Pakistan is a culturally rich country, and its cuisine is full of marvelous and diverse dishes. Pakistan’s cuisine is delicious with a variety of spices and flavors.

When it comes to Pakistani food, nobody can resist eating its famous and must-try Street food.

From small cities to metropolitan areas, you can easily find many stalls serving tasty street food.

Here are five most popular, must-try, budget-friendly street food dishes you can find anywhere in Pakistan:

Bun Kabab

Bun kabab is a sandwich and a traditional Pakistani food item that you can find in any city.

They are most popular in Karachi, and you can find many road-side stalls in the city.

This bun kabab is served with different delicious chutneys.

The traditional patty of bun kabab is made of Lentils, and Eggs, unlike meat, that’s what makes it different and tastier from other fancy burgers.


This is one of the most cost-efficient, quick to make, and popular Pakistani street food.

It is made of Chickpeas, potato, onions, tomatoes, and other spices and different chutneys.

You can ask the vendors to make the chaat of your choice, sweet or spicy. There is a variety of chaat for every type of consumer.


Shawarma with chicken

It is the most loved street food dish of Pakistanis.

It is originally a Middle Eastern dish, but Pakistanis have made some changes into this according to their personal taste and to suit the local eaters.

You will get the taste of Arabic and Desi spices in Shawarma. Pita bread is stuffed with chicken, bbq sauce, salad, white sauce, and other juicy sauces.

Pani Puri or Gol Gappa’s

Gol gappas are Crispy round papri cups, stuffed with boiled chickpeas, cubed potatoes, and spicy tamarind water or sweet yogurt chutney.

The stalls are most commonly found in schools, colleges, universities, and markets. You can eat this crispy mouth-watering dish at any time anywhere.

Gola Ganda

Street Stall Vendor making Snow cone in sugar syrup.

During summer, this is the refreshing and sweet ice treat of Pakistan.

This heavenly ice treat is the most favorite of kids. It is made of shaved ice drenched in raspberry, rooh-afza (popular refreshing drink of Pakistan), orange, pineapple, or ice cream soda flavored syrup and topped with dried fruits.

ice crushed to mold then a stick is inserted from the bottom. Coloured flavours are added from the top to give taste

You can also order it with a touch of ice cream.

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