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5 Delicious Street Foods You can Enjoy in India

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One of the pleasures of visiting the beautiful country of India is getting to taste its spicy street dishes. You can enjoy delectable food items at a very affordable rate on Indian streets.

To help you select the best dishes, we provide you information about the most popular Indian street foods.

Momos in Delhi

Momos have their origins in Tibet but have been widely adopted in Delhi and other parts of north India.

You can find them in a wide variety on Delhi’s streets with each offering its own twist of stuffing and spice. Each stall or shop in this city will present at least four kinds of momos.

You can opt for types like gravy, fried, tandoori, wheat, paneer, mutton, etc. and get the item served to you piping hot.

Lakhanpur de Bhalle in Jammu and Kashmir

Lakhanpur is the entry point to the state of Jammu and Kashmir and is famous for its tasty Bhalle.

This dish is a fried food made from pulses and offered with shredded radish and green chutney. Its spicy mix and tangy aroma make it a sought-after street food across India.

Many vendors offer this delicacy in Lakhanpur, so you’re spoilt for choice.

Dabeli in Gujarat

Dabeli is a dish native to the Kutch region in Gujarat state. A couple of million dabelis are eaten every day in this region.

This snack is prepared by mixing boiled potatoes with a special dabeli spice and then placing it in a burger-style bun named ladi pav.

You can relish this dish with chutneys like chili, date, tamarind, garlic, and others. The vendor will also add a garnishing of pomegranate and roasted peanuts to make the dabeli even tastier.

Dabeli is a popular snack food of India

Vada Pao in Mumbai

Who needs McDonald’s when you can enjoy the spicy Vada Pao burger in Mumbai.

This dish nourishes and energizes millions of Mumbai citizens every day.

It is served with spicy chilies that can heat up your taste buds and stomach. You can enjoy it with tasty chutneys like coriander.

Vada Pav or Wada Pav, Indian Desi Burger is a street food dish from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Indian street food,Selective focus

Puchkas in Bengal

Also termed pani puri and gol gappas, this tangy street dish is a special favorite among Indian women.

It consists of boiled chickpeas and mashed potatoes dipped in tamarind paste and coriander water. No wonder it tastes so heavenly.

Dry pani puri served in a paper plate

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