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3 Stunning Beaches in India You Have to Visit

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3 Stunning Beaches in India You Have to Visit

India does not initially strike as a beach destination for most tourists.

Nevertheless, its vibrant coastline promises some of the best sandy strips of land you’ll come across in the world.

Here are three such locations that are worth a visit during your next Indian beach vacation.

Butterfly Beach – Goa

Goa is the ultimate beachside city in India, and it would be a sin to exclude it from this list.

While there are plenty of breathtaking beaches in Goa, most tend to be over-crowded.

Butterfly Beach on Butterfly Island is one of the hidden gems in the region.

Beachgoers have to either hike through a forest for 2 hours or take a boat to reach this pristine piece of land.

The beach is worth all the trouble for its soft silvery sand and clear waters.

There is very little commercial activity here, and it is best to carry some food and drinks of your own when visiting Butterfly Beach.

Mountains of the butterfly Iceland. Goa, India

Lighthouse Beach – Kovalam

The most loved beach in Kovalam, Lighthouse Beach, is named after the red and white lighthouse that stands atop Kurumkal Hill.

The beach has a family-friendly atmosphere and is thus frequented by both locals and travelers.

Climbing up the lighthouse is one of the major attractions at the beach, allowing visitors to appreciate some genuinely magnificent panoramas and seascapes from the vantage point.

The smooth sand of the beach is ideal for spending a casual day lounging around.

Otherwise, water-sport enthusiasts can partake in several activities like parasailing, surfing, and paragliding.

Lighthouse on the cliff with sunset on the background surrounded by palm trees and big sea waves on the Kovalam beach. Kerala, India

Paradise Beach – Gokarna

Gokarna has several spectacular beaches with Half Moon Beach and Gokarna Beach being two popular options.

Paradise Beach, though, is unique, for it can only be reached on foot or by boat, making it less commercial and more intimate.

The months between October to March are perfect for visiting Paradise Beach.

The beach stays closed during the Monsoon season as its rocky disposition makes it dangerous to swim in the water.

Famously known as Full Moon Beach, it is a favorite with foreign tourists who typically set up camps along the shore.

Aerial View of paradise beach of Gokarna

Most Indian beaches have a subtle charm to them and are thus idyllic seaside escapes that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

The trick to finding the perfect one lies in asking the locals for the hidden gems, which are off the tourist map and promise a more relaxing and serene experience.

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