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Sylhet: Home of The Two Most Beautiful Places in Bangladesh

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Did you know, people from other parts of Bangladesh refer to the local people of Sylhet as “Londoni (as in local people of London)”?

You’ll be surprised by the reason behind it. It’s not that the city of Sylhet resembles anything of London. Among the people who leave Bangladesh for London to fulfill different purposes, the majority of them are from Sylhet.

Study shows that the people from Sylhet are more likely to choose London over any cities as their destination of higher education or immigration made the stereotype even stronger.

A beautiful view of Sylhet

However, the weather and the beauty of Sylhet sometimes even surpasses that of London.

The beautiful places that Sylhet nurtures often get overlooked by the large number of tea estates surrounding Sylhet.

The greenery of Sylhet is second to Switzerland. If you’re planning to shoot your next great movie or write your upcoming best-selling novel, then the scenic beauty of Sylhet will help you let your mind go creative.

Jaflong, Bangladesh – May 25, 2013: A tea picker harvesting tea leaves in a tea plantation in Jaflong, a hill station in the Division of Sylhet, northeast of Bangladesh.

Now, if you’re visiting Sylhet and don’t have these following two places in your Bucket list, then you better make changes to your list because you’ll miss out on the best if you don’t.

Ratargul Swamp Forest

Swamp forests can be pretty hard to come by, no matter where you’re in the world.

Luckily the only freshwater Swamp forest of Bangladesh is located in Guainghat Upazilla of Sylhet.

Ratargul swamp forest is a sanctuary to many species of birds, snakes, and monkeys.

Like any other tourist place of Sylhet, early morning of winter is the right time to visit Ratargul. It’s less than an hour’s drive from the center of the city.

You can take a taxi or hop into local transport from the city’s Amborkhana point.

After reaching MotorGhat point, you can hire a boat to roam around the forest, which may cost you 10-15 dollars considering the demand.

Panthumai – a village from West Jaflong Union under Guainghat Upazilla – is another tourism hub in Sylhet. The village, which is very near to the east Khasia hill of the Meghalaya ranges, boasts of an eye-catching fall popularly known as Borhill Fall.


It is bichanakandi which is situated at bangladesh india border in sylhet division. The location is famous for stone crushing.

Guainghat Upazilla of Sylhet is home to many beautiful places. Among others, Bichanakandi is a village where many Khasi hills crossed paths and formed a beautiful sight.

Winter is the perfect time to visit Bichanakandi. Cloud embracing the mountains is a sight to see in winter.

Boulders come down to Bichanakandi with the stream of Piyain, a river coming down from the mountains. It’s mostly known as a quarry.

Supplies of stones are made from here to all over the country.

Much like Ratargul, this place is also pretty close to the city’s Amborkhana point. You can get on public transport or hire a taxi to reach Hadarpar point.

From there, you can take a boat to reach the zero point of Bichanakandi.

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Precaution must be taken while visiting Bichanakandi since the zero-point of Bichanakandi is the borderline of Bangladesh and India.

Also remember to pack your food while visiting, to avoid any inconvenience.

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