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Explorers in Tajikistan in Search of the Yeti

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Humanity is always curious in monstrous creatures and mythical beings. The Yeti or Bigfoot is among the most popular legendary creatures in the world and Tajikistan.

How much do you know about this Abdominal Snowman?

Why Tajikistan?

A young mountaineer spreading arms in Pamir mountains in Tajikistan

Tajikistan is a highly mountainous country, covering 90% of the area. Pamir mountain ranges are popular with its amazing views and Yeti stories.

Besides, the world’s longest glacier outside the Polar regions situated in Tajikistan. Called as Fedchenko glacier, it covers 700 square kilometres.

Perfect place for mythical creations, isn’t it?


Pshart Valley, Tajikistan, circa audust 2019: People living in Pshart valley in Tajikistan Pamir highway

The stories about Yeti have a rich and ancient history. When Alexander the Great conquered Indus Valley in 326 B.C., he demanded to see the abdominal snowman. (Benjamin Radford, November 28, 2017)

Initially, sights were reported before the collapse of Soviet Union by Russian soldiers in around 1967. The military was ordered to catch and shoot it but the body figure secretly disappeared.

Afterwards, the Soviet Academy of Sciences organized several expeditions to search abominable snowman but failed to found one. (Ben Judah, Aug 20, 2018)

Comments of Witnesses

Have you ever seen a person who saw any of the legendary beings? We have opinions of several of them.

Today, some people even claim to see the Yeti. According to the witnesses, they saw a large figure, walking like a man but without clothes. Also, unusual vast tracks were in some of the parts of Pamir mountains. (Silk Road Expenditure)

Tajik-guide Surob witnessed footprints of Yeti in snow, which were bigger than humans.

One of the Tajic peasants stated that he saw a black wool-covered body of unusual being with beasts, probably a Yeti while gathering firewood on the hill.

Another Tajik, Khikmotill states that his cousins saw an abdominal snowman. They could not speak for days because of fear (Ben Judah, Aug 20, 2018).

Bigfoot vs Yeti

Various nations call mythical beings differently. In Tajikistan like many other Asian countries, people call it Yeti, while North American countries name it Bigfoot.

It is thought that American Bigfoots (6 feet) are commonly taller than Yetis. However, no proofs except extraordinary and incomprehensible footprints were found. (Benjamin Radford,


The legend of Yeti persists even today. Many people remember it from childhood stories and organize tours to the mountains for discovery.

In Dushanbe, the capital city of Tajikistan, a hostel called Yeti exists, which was named after the mythical creature.

Yeti is one of the most famous mythical creatures in the world. In Tajikistan, there were many sightings that were reported by locals, so some people believe in its existence.

However, the expeditions could not find any actual proofs or persuasive pieces of evidence to confirm Yeti’s existence.

What other mythical creatures are you interested in? Share your ideas in comments?

Photograph of snowstorm over the white Pamir mountains.

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