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Tallest Building in Central Asia: Visit Tashkent TV Tower

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Tashkent TV Tower Aerial Shot During Sunset in Uzbekistan

Historic, attractive and Asian-style architectural buildings in Uzbek cities gained high popularity among international tourists and guests in the last decade.

However, Tashkent as a capital city is famous for its TV Tower. The spectacular building is the highest tower in Central Asia and has become a symbol of the city.

Do not forget to visit the tower and its elegant restaurant when you come to Uzbekistan.

The high-class restaurant in the TV Tower welcomes visitors, where you can simultaneously have a snack and see breathtaking views of Tashkent.

Restaurant: Halls, cuisine, design and prices

Tashkent tower has a restaurant and observation place for guests. There are two halls in the restaurant – “Universe”, which are named “Blue” and “Red”. The names are associated with the design and decorations of each of the halls. The blue hall comprised of blue tables, sofas and walls, while the red hall has red-coloured furniture and table-cloth.

The restaurant is distinguishable from other places because its platform revolves around the Tower. German lifts “Shindler” are installed to the TV tower, which goes up 4.8 metres (13.1 feet) in 1 minute.

Are you a fan of Uzbek national food or other Central Asian meals?

You will be offered delicious meals from national and European cuisines. The prices are reasonable almost the same as the city’s other ordinary restaurants.

Red hall is located in an altitude of 105 meters (344.5 feet). Therefore, the cooked meals are prepared downstairs for the safety reasons and delivered in the elevator. (Daryo)

The entrance to the restaurant costs 35,000 sums ($ 3.40 US) for adults and 15,000 sums ($ 1.47 US) for 7-16 years old children. It is open from 10 am to 8 pm every day. The prices may slightly increase at weekends. (


Tashkent Television Tower seen from the park at the Memorial to the Victims of Repression in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

The Tashkent Tower was opened in 1985. The height of the attractive TV tower is 375 metres (1230.3 feet), which had made the building 4th highest in the world in 1985.

The design of the Tashkent Tower is made by architect Bukharbayev in the style of Florencio buildings and Roman architecture. (

Currently, the Tower occupies the 12th rank among the highest buildings worldwide and holds 2nd position among the CIS countries. Regarding Central Asia, it is a very unique and 1st highest building. (

Tower in numbers

The height of the TV tower is 375 metres (1230.3 feet), which is approximately equal to the level of 14 9-storey and another 1-storey building.

The foundation depth of the Tashkent Tower is 11 metres (36.1 feet) and the length of 3 supportive legs is 93 metres each (305.1 feet).

The building was built from grafted steel. Hence, the weight of it accounts for 6,000 tons without equipment. ( It is similar to the total weight of 2,977 Ford Explorer cars. (Guide AutoWeb)

Last news

Tashkent Television Tower seen from the park at the Memorial to the Victims of Repression

In the winter, 200-300 guests visit the Tower, while in other seasons the building may host up to 1500 visitors. Until the end of 2019, the visitors were required to show passports, but the ruling is cancelled to make the tour more convenient. The Qr-code system is also established for guests.

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