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Tianjin Travel Guide–Insider Tips, Tricks, and Places to Visit!

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Tianjin is a metropolis in Northern China, and it is one of the nine national central cities in China.

Tianjin had an estimated population of 15,621,200 in 2016, and its metro area makes up most of it, with 13,589,000 in the built-up area. It is also the third-largest municipality of China, after Shanghai and Beijing. Tianjin is considered the most important manufacturing center and the leading port of North China! It spans 11,760 square km and has been an important transport and trading center since the Yuan dynasty. Its location and role as the biggest trade port and commercial gateway to Beijing fostered an ethnically diverse and commercially innovative population.

Tianjin is a large and well developed modern city, yet it’s also very calm and laid back. The city is known for its creative forms of art and its extensive seafood cuisine.

In this article, we will explore all of these places and tell you special insider tips and tricks for the best vacation in Tianjin, China.

Century Clock

Century Clock is located in front of the old Jiefang Bridge, west of Tianjin Railway Station. Century Clock stands 40-meters high and weighs 170-tons, representing the beginning of the Chinese Modern Industry in Tianjin. Between the outer ring and inner ring of the clock face, there are 12 bronze sculptures alongside the clock numbers that symbolize the 12 constellations. The S-style rocker symbolizes Yin and Yang.

While the attraction isn’t as grand or exciting as some of the other ones, the Century Clock is a memorial and is a milestone of the development and progression of the city. Since The Century Clock is right off the Haihe River and is visible from the Tianjin Train Station, a quick visit is definitely worth it.

Tianjin Eye

Did you know that the Tianjin Eye is the only Ferris wheel in the entire world to be constructed on top of a bridge?

The Tianjin Eye, its full name being the Yongle Bridge Tianjin Eye, is probably one of the most famous attractions in the entirety of Tianjin. Tianjin Eye, also known as The Tientsin Eye, is a 120-meter (394 ft) tall giant Ferris wheel built above the Yongle Bridge (formerly Chihai Bridge), over the Hai River in Tianjin, China. It was opened to the public on the 7th of April, 2008. At the time of its completion, there were only three Ferris wheels in the entire world that were taller – 135 m (443 ft) London Eye, 160 m (525 ft) Star of Nanchang, and 165 m (541 ft) Singapore Flyer. Currently, it is the 10th tallest Ferris wheel in the world.

Tianjin Eye has 48 transparent passenger capsules with air-conditioning, each able to carry 8 passengers. It takes 20 – 40 minutes to complete a rotation, mostly depending on the number of passengers on board and the weather. When you reach the highest point of the wheel at 120 meters (394 feet) tall, equivalent to the height of a 35-floor building, you can see the scenery of Tianjin within 40 kilometers (25 miles)!

The giant Ferris wheel isn’t only good for riding – It is also a fantastic subject for photos! It is absolutely stunning with its beautiful neon-yellow and pink lights at night, and its giant size makes it all the more impressive.

If you plan on going to Tianjin, The Tianjin Eye is an attraction that you must visit. The wheel is a beautiful attraction, whether it’s you looking at it or being on top of it. It is also extremely unique, as it is over a lake! Be sure to come on a clear day, though!

Tianjin Museum

Tianjin Museum is the largest museum in all of Tianjin, China, exhibiting a range of cultural and historical relics significant to the history of Tianjin. The museum lies in Yinhe Plaza in the Hexi District of Tianjin and covers an area of about 50,000 square meters (538196 square feet). This massive museum opened in December 2004, and it is said to be China’s second-largest building. It consists of three above-ground levels, and the levels are enclosed under a giant shell, walled on one side by the glass. Constructed by Shin Takamatsu Architect and Associates, the new museum was designed by Japanese architect Mamoru Kawaguchi. The unique architectural style and shape of the museum, whose appearance resembles that of a swan spreading its wings, make the museum much more interesting and has meant that it is quickly becoming one of the city’s most iconic buildings. It was built to be a large modern spot for the collection, protection, and research of historical relics as well as a place for education, leisure and touring.

The Tianjin Museum has an extensive collection of ancient Chinese arts, relics of the past and exhibits on Tianjin’s history. There are nearly 200,000 collections of relics and items that symbolize the history, culture and past of China, including calligraphy, paintings, bronze ware, ceramics, jade ware, seals, ink stone, Jiagu (bones or tortoise shells with inscriptions of the Shang Dynasty), coins, historical documents and relics of modern times, local folk art and so on, among which there are nearly 1000 first-class cultural relics. Tianjin Museum has a very high reputation locally, and travelers see it as one of the best places to visit when going to Tianjin.

Tianjin Museum is a great attraction and museum if you want to learn more about the ancient past and history of Tianjin, China, and if you decide on going to Tianjin, we would recommend giving this grand museum a visit.

Some Final Tips

There are a ton more attractions in Tianjin! It is the third-largest municipality in China, after all. The attractions listed above are the ones that we think were the most intriguing! There are definitely a ton more museums and historical attractions that are worth visiting.

Thank you for reading, and have an amazing trip to Tianjin!

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