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Top 3 Instagrammable Locations in Delhi

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It’s hard to overlook the fact that we now live in a social media savvy world where visual content is considered more appealing.

Therefore, the past few years have seen a tremendous rise in influencers who are constantly in search of locations that are inimitable in their character and make for extraordinary photo backgrounds to share with the world.

Delhi is not without its fair share of amazing sites. However, there are only a few that can genuinely be called instagrammable.

Yamuna Ghats

An early morning shot of migratory siberian seagulls flocking around a boat at Yamuna Ghat, New Dekhi

The banks of the Yamuna River might seem ordinary during the day, but get there early on a misty winter morning, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

At dawn, the ghats – riverbanks – come alive with the thousands of migratory birds that pass through the city between November to February. It’s a spectacle you have to witness to believe.

However, for a truly phenomenal sight, get to the ghat just before dawn to witness the most beautiful sunrise in Delhi.

There is also the opportunity to take a short boat ride. During the excursion, you can feed the birds from the middle of the river.

Don’t be surprised to find several amateur and professional photographers here, as Yamuna ghats remain one of the top photography spots in Delhi.

Old Delhi

This pic shows People walking along a busy and crowded street, motorbikes and rickshaws in a dusty street in New Delhi. The pic is taken in may 2019.

Street photography is a field that many photographers find challenging but equally thrilling.

While you will find exciting subjects on any street in Delhi, the one place that stands out is Old Delhi.

Old Delhi is famous for its narrow crowded lanes, a web of electricity wires everywhere, people from all walks of life busy shopping or eating, and a burst of vivid colors in every direction.

It takes time to adjust to the chaotic surroundings but is worth all the effort.

From eateries that are more than 100 years old and buildings that date back to the Mughal era to Khari Baori, the oldest spice market in Asia, you’ll have your camera clicking permanently when discovering the many wonders of Old Delhi.

Delhi Monuments by Night

safdarjung tomb mausoleum dome and the surrounding tomb complex scenery. Taken in New delhi, India

There are several historical monuments across Delhi, each one a spectacle that celebrates local art and culture.

Walking around these buildings during the daytime is a chance to admire the city’s rich heritage and past.

However, at night, these monuments take on a completely different persona, that of shimmering architectural masterpieces, which leave photographers in awe of their vintage beauty.

Lighting up these monuments is a recent “night tourism” initiative started by the Delhi government.

Thus, visiting places like Qutub Minar and Safdarjung Tomb, after sundown, is still not common among travelers and many locals, making it a genuinely unique picture-taking opportunity.

By visiting any of these beautiful tourist spots in Delhi, you can capture something exceptional that will impress your friends and also your social media followers.

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