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Top 10 YouTubers in Hong Kong in 2020

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Who are the most subscribed YouTubers in Hong Kong? In this article, we’ll introduce the top 10 famous Youtubers in the city. The list is based on the number of their subscribers as of Sep 2020 and it will change from time to time! Let’s meet them!

1 Emi Wong

Emi Wong is a fitness instructor who owns 3m subscribers on YouTube. She has been posting workout videos since 2017. To our surprise, Emi was once a party girl. She loved drinking and partying. She didn’t love her body back then and suffered from an eating disorder. When she realized she was not alright, she started re-examining her lifestyle choices. Eventually she underwent a lifestyle transformation and became a personal trainer.

At that time, she was not entirely satisfied with her corporate life. She wanted to become a part-time personal trainer to earn extra money. However, finding clients was a bit difficult, especially since she had a full-time job. Therefore, she decided to upload workout videos on YouTube which leads to her massive online success.

A lot of her workout videos are 10 to 20 minutes, and anyone can do them at home. This is completely suitable for busy Hong Kongers who can’t find time to exercise. So it is not difficult to explain her channel’s popularity. Some of her videos are in English, an unique point to help her stand out as a Hong Kong youtuber as she attracts overseas fans who can’t understand Cantonese (local language in Hong Kong)!

2 Gem Tang

While Gem is not necessarily a Youtuber, she does own a personal Youtube channel. Technically a singer, Gem shares her music and personal life on Youtube and attracts more than 2.37m subscribers.

Gem, whose real name is Tang Sze-wing, rose to prominence in Hong Kong about 10 years ago. She later found further success elsewhere in China after attending I am a Singer, a popular Chinese singing competition show in China. Foreign media have referred to her as China’s Taylor Swift for her talented songwriting and vocal skills.

The Shanghai-born singer is young, talented and beautiful. Follow her Youtube channel to get some music inspiration!

3 Coffee Lam

Coffee Lam is a former TV artist, she is known for her fit body and yoga exercise routines that she even made a career out of it. She quits acting after being involved in a relationship scandal. While suffering from emotional issues, she decided to do yoga to keep her fit, both physically and emotionally.

After giving birth to her son last year, she quickly bounced back to her pre-pregnancy body. Her dedication to fitness has led her to success.

4 Jason Chau

Jason Chau, commonly known as “Big J”, has 977K subscribers on YouTube. He went to study in Japan in 2002 and has a good knowledge of Japanese culture. His channel attracts lots of teenagers who share the love for Japan. According to online reports, he earns more than 1 million HKD per year.

Unlike other celebrities, Jason has a clear political stance (In Hong Kong, influencers tend to be apolitical to avoid troubles). He has been a vocal supporter of the city’s anti-extradition law demonstrations. He also once offered a HK$1 million reward for any substantial evidence of police brutality during the ongoing protests. Many followers support him because of his bold and genuine personality.

5 Boris Lee

Boris Lee, or known as “smilingboris”, has 903K subscribers on Youtube. He started his channel when he was a civil engineering student and now Youtube has become his full-time career. His outgoing and energetic attitude makes him a very adorable and beloved Youtuber in Hong Kong. Comedies, social issues, vlogs are his killer content. At age 27, he has already achieved so much in his Youtube career.

6 Mira’s Garden

Bright and irresistible, Korea pop culture captivates the hearts of many youngsters. Mira is a local Hong Kong girl who lives in Korea. She films her life in Korea and uploads to Youtube. Her channel attracts lots of Korean fans. Travel vlogs, product trials, cultural knowledge can be found in her channel. If you are a big fan of Korean pop culture, you should not miss her channel!

7 Bob’s Your Uncle

Uncle Bob is a Hong Kong youtuber and writer. Currency he owns over 500k subscribers. His channel mainly focuses on cooking and political content. Uncle Bob was born in 1981 but his channel attracts viewers of all ages. People like his humorous and genuine personality. Rumors say that his wealth is over HK$400 million. From his channel, we can also see that he is a well-travelled Youtuber and his channel is full of cruise ship reviews. Fancy a luxurious vacation? Follow Uncle Bob for inspiration!

8 Hana Tam

Similar to Gem Tang, Hana is also a singer. However, she is even more famous for her makeup videos on Youtube, which attracts over 397k subscribers! The talented singer sometimes uploads videos of her playing guitar and singing too. While her music career is not as successful as it can be, she also earns a steady income through Youtube.

9 Carl Ho

Carl Ho focuses on a relatively niche market. This passionate guy has a bigger mission – to educate and inspire. He loves sharing useful tips and interesting information through his channel. For example, one of his recent videos teaches people how to remember their passwords effectively.

In his self intro, he quotes “With Great Influence Comes Great Responsibility”. In addition to being a tutor, he wants to share positive and useful messages and knowledge through the Internet. Tired of fancy and well-edited content? Follow Carl for life inspiration!

10 Taylor R

The last one in our list is a bit controversial as she may not be a typical Hong Konger you will expect. Taylor R is originally from Canada and most of her content is in English. However, she currently lives in Hong Kong and is married to a Hong Kong guy. So we consider her as a Hong Konger in our list!

The former model looks like a Japanese doll! She had her modelling career in Japan before moving to Hong Kong. She is also a big fan of Japanese culture. In her channel, you can find lifestyle based content with mostly vlogs, DIY’s, makeup, health, and nutrition.

Who are your country’s famous Youtubers and what are they famous for? Share with us your thoughts!

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