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Traditional Kashmiri Foods You Need to Try

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Talk about Kashmir valley and all you think is a non-ending conflict between Pakistan and India. There is a part of Jammu and Kashmir that is affiliated with Pakistan and then there is another part that is currently part of India. Being a Pakistani citizen we call Pakistan part of Kashmir Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), while we call the Indian part an occupied one.

What is the actual status of the Kashmir valley can only be told by Kashmiri people who should be given the right to choose their fate? As it doesn’t seem possible in near future due to Indian involvement in Kashmir on their side so let us see things as they stand today. AJK is a beautiful visiting place for tourists around the globe and brings an opportunity for them to try new, exciting, and traditional dishes of Kashmir.

We have highlighted some of these dishes that you must not miss when in either Indian or Pakistan part of Kashmir.


An original Kashmiri dish that is cooked on slow fire. Both Shab and Daig are Urdu language words with a literal meaning of ‘night’ and ‘cooking pot’ respectively. It is known as shabdaig because it takes almost a whole night to be cooked on a slow fire. This makes the flavor and thickness of the food to be perfect as shown in the below post.

The main ingredients of this dish are turnip and meat. You can use the version of the meat you like most that include chicken, beef, and mutton. Along with its rich flavor, this is a perfect dish according to health experts.
Do give it a try when visiting Kashmir either Pakistan part or Indian part as Kashmiris consider it more than a dish.

Rogan Josh:

A perfect Kashmiri dish for all the meat lovers. It is another signature recipe of Kashmir that has special aromatic lamb in it. This is a healthy and low-fat dish that has a rich history as well. Different spices along with brown onions and yogurt add to the flavors of this mutton curry.

Look at the below final Rogan josh and decide yourself if you want to enjoy it with rice or naan next time you visit Kashmir.

Modur Palao:

We are talking about food in Kashmir and haven’t yet talked about anything sweet. No, we will not let you leave Kashmir without having something sweet. Modur Palao is the dish to enrich your mouth with some sweetness.

The major ingredients of this sweet Kashmiri palao are rice, milk, ghee, sugar, cinnamon, nuts, and much more. After tasting this you will know that you have not tasted anything like this in your life.

Here is another look at this tasty sweet palao for you to try when in Kashmir.

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