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This Ultra-Innovative Japanese Public Lavatory is Transparent

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A Japanese Twitter user has spotted an innovative toilet under construction in Tokyo that has transparent walls all around it.

As you can tell from the photo, you can see the inside of the public toilet from the outside. Why on earth was this toilet built?

This unannounced toilet was discovered in a park in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward.
It is still under construction and no official announcement has been made by the Shibuya Ward Office.

In Japan, public toilets like this one are often found in parks, where they can be used by anyone.

If you watch the video, you will understand the purpose of this toilet.

When the door is locked, the walls of the toilet become opaque, making it impossible to see inside.

This has a great advantage in terms of security.
In ordinary public toilets, even if a suspicious person is waiting for you in the room, you cannot see him/her from the outside.
Some people say they cannot use public toilets in parks at night because of the high risk of sexual crimes.

Such crimes can be prevented if the restrooms are transparent until the doors are locked.

It seems a number of parks in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward are installing the same kind of toilets in their parks.

In Switzerland, there are actually similar transparent public toilets by designer Olivier Rambert.

When this toilet is completed, enjoying an innovative toilet might be on the list of things to do for visitors to Shibuya City.

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