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Unsung Hero Of Bangladesh In The Battle Against COVID-19

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In this pandemic, if you still haven’t hit rock bottom, then you’re doing just fine because some of the people out there have lost all of their family members because of this lethal virus. This pandemic has presented us with more dramatic turns of events than one possibly faces in a lifetime.

Even the phrase “Not all heroes wear capes” has changed because now they all have started wearing masks. Yes, you heard it right. If you’re wearing a mask and maintaining social distance, then you’re a hero to me, don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise.

In all battle, you will find some superheroes as well, who are a step ahead from everyone, fighting in the frontline. They are the ones taking all the hits on our behalf.

In this battle against coronavirus, our health workers, law enforcement, and some volunteers have taken the place of those superheroes without any hesitation or fear of catching the virus. They have put their lives on the line without even being asked to do so. Among those, one such organization in Bangladesh has shown immense humanitarian gestures towards the people in need.


Widely known for their “Ek Takay Ahar” Bidyanondo is one of the leading Volunteering organizations in Bangladesh. Their “Ek Takay Ahar” campaign refers to “meal for one taka” (around 1 cent in USD) is a social service dedicated to feeding the poor people of the country.

Bidyanondo started its journey as a nonprofit organization to help the destitute. Initially, they provided support and education to the kids below the poverty line. They have added an array of social services with time.

Even in this pandemic, while many people were refusing to help or even fulfill their responsibilities, Bidyanondo remained a savior for this country.

From the beginning of this pandemic, they have provided food aid to millions of people in Bangladesh.(

They have even raised a fund and made PPEs for the people working in the frontline while the Government was struggling to fulfill the need. Bidyanondo took initiatives on their own to disinfect the streets and public transports.

Bidyanondo has set up a field hospital with a central oxygen system in the country’s second-largest city. People of Bangladesh will always remember their acts of altruism.

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