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Viral TikTok Trends in Malaysia during COVID-19

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Malaysia has once again entered lockdown mode, called the conditional movement control order (CMCO). What better way to make use of the time at home than to make some creative, entertaining TikToks?

It is no surprise that TikTok has taken the world by storm. It was already a well-known platform pre-COVID-19, but the pandemic has skyrocketed TikTok’s influence.

Due to isolation, a lot of people are forced to find new ways to fill their time with fun activities as well as stay connected with each other—one way being TikTok.

TikTok is a useful platform to have fun by partaking in trends or challenges, make hilarious videos, or even share knowledgeable content. Its possibilities are endless, especially at the hands of the tech-savvy millennials!

Malaysians have already joined many viral TikTok trends since the first lockdown happened back in March 2020, but with the new CMCO being implemented, more TikTok trends are surfacing.

We have compiled 6 Malaysian TikTok trends you can try out during lockdown days!

Dalgona Coffee

When we say every Malaysian did this trend, we really mean every Malaysian. Although the trend was not created by a Malaysian, it was definitely a viral sensation that all Malaysians can appreciate. Ask any millennial in Malaysia! We can guarantee that they have at least heard of it, if not tried it out themselves.

TikTok users share their dalgona coffee making process with background music, adding aesthetic filters to make it look fancy. The song ‘deathbed’ by Powfu & Beabadoobee is often used to accompany the video.

# flyingchallenge

Originating from neighbouring country, Indonesia, Malaysia was quick to be influenced by this odd but amusing trend.

You can try this trend out, but don’t be surprised at how tired you’ll be by the time you finish taking all the clips! A lot of stamina is required for this one, so be prepared!


Because Malaysia is a multicultural country with a variety of sub-ethnic groups, there are so many cultural dances Malaysians perform during celebrations!

This TikTok trend will show you the diversity of Malaysia and learn to appreciate the technicalities of each cultural dance.

If dancing is your niche, perhaps you could challenge yourself and learn a few moves from these unique traditional dances?


Malaysians were not going to let go of the opportunity to show off their amazing makeup skills and beautiful fashion pieces through this viral TikTok trend.

Some even took the opportunity to don their traditional wear, such as ‘baju kurung’ during Eid celebrations!

Siapa Bilang Gadis Melayu Tak Menawan

The title of this trend literally translates into, “Who says Malay girls are not pretty?”. This Malaysian TikTok trend shows the transformation of modern-looking, fashionable girls transforming into poise traditional Malay ladies, all while showing off their colourful traditional wear.

The second part of the song which accompanies the video is an iconic song that every Malaysian is familiar with! The title of the song is Gadis Melayu, by Jamal Abdillah.


When Malaysia’s newly-elected prime minister gave a speech to advise Malaysians to stay at home and avoid going out unnecessarily, Malaysians took his speech and turned it into a remix due to his repetition of “kesana kesini” throughout the speech.

The phrase translates into “here and there”, which became the basis of a whole new trend on TIkTok.

Malaysians would use this remix and add a silly dance just to poke fun during the pandemic!

Although most of these TikTok trends make absolutely no sense, it is fun to once in a while let loose and join the crowd.

Despite difficult times, it is always important to make do with what we already have and try our best to stay connected with each other, despite the separation from lockdowns!

Why don’t you hop on the TikTok bandwagon and try these trends out for yourself?

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