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Strongest Waterfalls and Best Beaches in Iligan City, Philippines

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Maria Cristina Falls Iligan/Philippines

Beaches are therapeutic and relaxing. They are simply breathtaking, especially those with pristine white sand. On the other hand, the sight of waterfalls brings an adrenaline rush. The gushing waters flowing down the stream produce currents that are dangerously alluring. If you’re planning an adventure that involves beaches and waterfalls, Lanao del Norte got you covered.

Iligan City is known for majestic waterfalls and beautiful beaches. Perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind when this place is mentioned is Maria Christina Falls. This is the source of hydroelectric power in Mindanao while serving a unique beauty to tourists.

Here are some of the most popular beaches and waterfalls you can check out in Iligan City:

Maria Christina Falls

Maria Cristina falls

This is known as the Philippines’ Mother of Waterfalls with its magnificent and highly dominating beauty. It’s truly a force to reckon with, leaving you speechless by its commanding stature.

You can reach this popular tourist attraction from Iligan terminal. On that point, you can ride a jeepney to the city and get off in the jeepney terminal going to the public market or Buru-an. If you’re in the town proper, you can ride a jeepney via Buru-an and go to Maria Christina Nature Park, located near the “red bridge”.

Dodiongan Falls.

This one requires a 30- to 45-minute trekking before you can witness its angelic beauty. But before you cross this out from your Iligan tour bucket list because you don’t want to travel that far, this waterfalls is worth all the sweat and fatigue.

You can get to Dodiongan Falls by riding a jeepney from the city proper to Barinaut terminal. From there, get a habal-habal going to Barangay Digkila-an. Once you get off, find some locals who are willing to give you directions on how to reach the waterfalls by trekking.

Limunsudan Falls

The strong currents of Limunsudan Falls give it an unrivalled boldness and magnificence. Despite the hostilities that threaten this hidden gem, it remains one of the strongest and most desirable among the Philippines’ waterfalls.

You can reach this breathtaking place by hiring a 4×4 or a private vehicle since the road is a bit challenging to tread. These are the best options for you to reach Limunsudan Falls. However, you can also find some vehicles for hire in the town. Before you can get to the destination, you may endure an hour of trekking since there are muddy trails going to the waterfall.

Mimbalut Falls

Most of the lush greens surrounding this waterfall may have been taken away, but the beauty of Mimbalut Falls remains awe-inspiring. The cleans water in its base is perfect for a refreshing dip with friends. The entire scenery will surely help you relax and enjoy nature.

You can get here by riding a jeepney from Iligan City terminal to the city proper. Get off the jeepney stop going to the public market or Buru-an. Ride another jeepney from the town proper to Buru-an. Make sure to get off the point near the crossing. From there, it will take up to 20 minutes of walking to reach Mimbalut Falls. If you don’t want to walk, you can ride a habal-habal to reach your destination.

Tinago Falls

(Credit: GinaD, CC BY-SA 3.0)

The pure innocence of the Tinago Falls makes it one of the best hidden gems of Lanao del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines. It’s nestled in the middle of a lush mountain, away from the cruel world. Once you witness the beauty of this waterfall, you will forget everything. The captivating scenery is simply one for the books.

You can get here by riding a jeepney from Iligan bus terminal to the city proper. Get off the jeepney stop going to Buru-an or anywhere near the public market as there are jeepneys available going to Buru-an. From there, ride another jeep and get off the crossing where you can hire habal-habal riders.

Bucana Beach

(Credit: eric molina, CC BY 2.0)

If you want to relax and enjoy the beach views, the Bucana Beach is the perfect tourist spot. The cool waters will give you a refreshing dip while enjoying the powdery white sand of the beach. There are cottages for rent in the area and are surprisingly affordable. If you come on weekdays, you can enjoy the place without too much crowd.

The wave current of Bucana Beach is strong while the shoreline is a little bit deep due to the waves. It may not be safe for night swimming since the waves are quite strong. However, most of the summer days the waves in the shore are calmer and friendlier.

Pampam Falls


This waterfall is one of the best swimming places in Iligan City where you can show off your swimwear and toned body. It’s located in Barangay Dalipuga, Sitio Kalubihon. Although it requires trekking before you can enjoy the view, it only takes a short time, and the trails are easy to tread.

If you’re planning an adventure with your friends, Pampam Falls should be included in your bucket list. The water basin is crystal clear, you can see through the waters while enjoying a quick dip. Overall, the whole experience is safe and even family-friendly.

How to Get Here

Are you going to Iligan City to check out these waterfalls and beaches? Well, the trip is fun and very convenient. From Manila, you can book your flight going to Cagayan de Oro. Once you’re in the Laguindingan International Aiport, get a van or bus that is bound to the city proper. You can reach Iligan City from the airport for only about an hour.

Don’t forget to book your hotel accommodation in Iligan City in advance to avoid hassles, especially during peak season. There are also Airbnb properties you can find in the city if you’re traveling on a budget. Once you’re ready for the trip, make sure to enjoy your whole experience and bring home some great memories.

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