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5 Strange but Delicious Japanese Snacks Available on Amazon

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In Japan, low-cost candies and snacks for children, known as “Dagashi (駄菓子),” are very popular.

In the past, there were small candy shops near elementary schools across the country that specialized in small snacks, and you could buy unique treats for as little as 10 cents.

Even today, elementary school students take them on school trips, and even some adults continue to eat “Dagashi.”

Japan is known for its unique culture of anime and video games, but the world of candy has developed in a similarly unique way.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some very strange Japanese candies and snacks available on Amazon.

A local candy shop is visited by 800,000 people a year

As proof of the popularity of dagashi in Japan, here’s one famous shop.

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みなさん、こんにちは! 今日は日本一のだがし売場内にある「縁日屋敷(えんにちやしき)」をご紹介します。 縁日の屋台をイメージしたなが~い通りに、1000種類ほどのおもちゃが売っています。 日本で作られているソフトグライダーや吹き戻し、アイドルやキャラクターのシール、光るおもちゃにキレイな指輪。昔懐かしい指でこするとケムリの出る「おばけけむり」も売っています!ここでは全部紹介できませんので、今後、じっくり時間をかけて紹介していけたらと思います。 だがしだけでなく、おもちゃもたくさんある日本一のだがし売場。 外出自粛が続いていますので、また遊びに来れる時に遊びにきてください! 笑顔でお待ちしています! ————————————————— 2020年4月16日現在、日本一のだがし売場は「だがし遊園地」のみ閉鎖しておりますが通常通りお買いものはしていただけます。 スタッフのマスク着用・換気・入店時のアルコール消毒を徹底し、ご来店頂くお客様に安心安全で楽しくお買い物をしていただけるよう努めています。 ————————————————— 日本一のだがし売場 (株式会社 大町) 岡山県瀬戸内市長船町東須恵1373-5 電話:0869-26-6580(日曜は不通) 営業時間:平日・土10:00~17:00 / 日・祝9:00~17:00 店休日:年末年始 / 棚卸しの日(2020年9月30日予定) ————————————————— #だがしで笑顔 #日本一のだがし売場 #もったいない広場 #だがし #DAGASHI #岡山県 #瀬戸内市 #長船町 #備前黒皮かぼちゃ #もったいない #MOTTAINAI #子供の笑顔

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This shop is run by a local candy wholesaler, Omachi. It is located in Okayama Prefecture and claims to be the best candy store in Japan.

It is a popular spot that attracts a whopping 800,000 visitors a year (Sankei, 2019).

The spacious store is housed in a warehouse and has a large selection of 3,000 different products. The number of candy stores across the country is decreasing, but this store even planned to expand its sales floor by 2.5 times last year.

A DIY kit for candy that looks just like Sushi

Did you look at this picture and think it was real sushi?

This is a children’s candy that allows you to make very realistic sushi with the candy. This is a handmade snack that can be made to look just like real sushi with only powder and water.

There are many DIY kits sold in Japan that allow you to make your own very unusual looking candy, like this one.

It”s also very attractive for the low price of $2.5 in Japan.

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A DIY kit for candy that makes strange powders react chemically

“Nerunerunerune” is a very strange candy that all Japanese people are familiar with.

It is also attracting attention as an educational snack, as it is useful for children’s studies.

It contains two types of powder, and after adding water, the powder is mixed together to create a candy with a mousse-like texture.

The first bag contains baking soda and pigment. When water is added to it, it becomes alkaline and develops blue color.

The second bag contains citric acid, which makes the entire product acidic and turns the color of the candy purple to red. This chemical reaction produces carbon dioxide gas, which causes the candy to swell.

It is popular because the color of the product changes during the making process, and has remained highly popular for more than 30 years since its release. A total of 700 million packages have been sold.

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A strange combination with French regional cuisine

“Jaga Aligot” has become a hot topic on Twitter and YouTube in Japan, and many Japanese celebrities have been eating it.

Aligot is a local French dish. This food is made of mashed potatoes and cheese mixed together and is popular for its unique texture.

Well, what the hell does this have to do with Japanese snacks?

“Jaga Aligot” is a user-made invention made with “Jagariko,” a popular potato snack of Japan.

Jagariko is a snack similar to potato chips, but made of hard sticks of potatoes.

By mixing this with the cheese, it gained popularity as it gave it an Aligot-like texture.

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“Delicious Sticks,” a big snack for a dime

”Umaibo” literally means a delicious stick. It was first released in 1982 and has been a very popular snack for almost 50 years.

This is one of those soul food items that definitely every Japanese person knows about.

It has been sold outside Japan and can also be found in Korea and Taiwan.

The very low price tag of 10 cents is the secret to its popularity. Not only is it popular with young children, but it’s one of the dreams of young people to buy 1,000 “Umaibo” for $100. Some convenience stores and professional markets also sell bags of 30 pieces.

There is even an all-you-can-eat “Umaibo” restaurant with walls and ceilings covered in this snack.

Your Japanese friends will be surprised when you tell them you like Umaibo.

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Splitting Gummy vs. Long Gummy: The weirdest TV commercial of your life

“Sakeru Gummy” is a unique, crunchy gummy with a unique texture. A new type of gummy sheet that can be diced and eaten in the size of your choice.

These gummies are structured like a collection of small bundles, and using your hands, you can break the gummies into two bundles.

These gummies are widely known for their commercials, which were made into a series and aired for a long time, even though they didn’t make any sense at all.

There’s even a video of YouTubers watching and reacting to this entire series of commercials.

In this commercial, a woman on the verge of marriage is torn between easy to crack gummies and long gummies. Well, I want you to watch the commercial because it’s impossible to explain.

The gummies are packaged in seven individual packages in an outer bag.

These gummies can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Some people seem to eat them the way the instructions say they should be eaten, some ignore the instructions, some eat them cold, and some even break them down to make Japanese alphabet.

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