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Wonderful things to experience in Ella; Sri Lanka

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Train on the Nine Arches Demodara Bridge or the Bridge in the sky. Nine Arches Bridge is located in Demodara near Ella city, Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is an all-time favourite destination among travellers because of its natural beauty.

Recently, Ella, a small town of hill country has become popular as it is a full package that is rich with historical, natural and adventurous values.

If you want to make your journey in Sri Lanka memorable, Ella is highly recommended.

Ella is a relaxing and charming place where you see, feel and blend in with mother nature and come across the coexistence of colonial heritage and pure Sri Lankan culture.

First and foremost, you need to get the train from Kandy to Ella from Colombo port or Kandy station.

Ella, Sri Lanka – August 5, 2018: Empty platform at Ella railway station

This gives the fascinating start to your journey where you will discover scenic views that never seen before.

Picturesque train road in Sri Lanka

The high spot of Ella journey is visiting the Demodara bridge that was built in the British period of Sri Lanka.

The Nine Arches Bridge Demodara is one of the iconic bridges in Sri Lanka. Morning mist in Ella.

You can get brilliant captures for your Instagram with this epic view.

Another outstanding moment in your Ella journey is witnessing the serene view of Ravana waterfall and,

Diyaluma waterfall

Landscape of Diyaluma falls.

Majestic elegance of these beauties will tightly be bound to your eyes.

If you seek tremendous summit views and amazing camping nights after long hikes Ella is the best place to try out.

Aerial panoramic view of Ella Rock from Little Adams Peak. Little Adams Peak is located near Ella city, Sri Lanka.

Hiking up the Ella rock and the Little Adam’s peak will replenish your efforts with their spectacular views at the summit.

Valley view in Ella peak Sri Lanka.

The famous “Flying Ravana” zip-line will add adventurous memories to your journey that will kick your Adrenaline up by just a recall once you experience this in your life.

You can find the secret of world-famous Sri Lankan tea by visiting Dambethenne Lipton tea factory during your Ella journey.

Damba Tenne Tea Factory in Haputale, Sri Lanka.
Dawn at tea plantation near Lipton’s Seat, Haputale, Sri Lanka

Stunning waterfalls, adventurous zip line rides, incredible camping nights, witnessing the magic of tea making and long hikes under the shade will entice your heart to stay forever.

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